Club Setup

If you haven't done so already, please contact us to get your club set up in iCrew.

Tutorial Videos

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to watch the on-boarding videos available at the top of our Videos page.

Initial Setup

Now that your club has been created in iCrew, you can now create your inventory of shells and oars. See the Shells and Oars tabs on the Coach's Home Page.

Once your shells and oars have been created, you can then create your teams. You need to create a team for each group that get together for rowing or work-out sessions. For example, if you have some masters rowers that meet on weekday mornings and some that meet on weekday evenings, you would create two teams with names like MastersAM and MastersPM. If all masters come together at the same time on the weekend, you can create a team just named Masters.

Your members can join whichever teams are appropriate. For example, someone that rows only on weekday mornings would join the MastersAM team, while someone that rows on weekday evenings and on the weekend would join both the MastersPM and Masters teams.

Member Registration

Once your teams have been created, you are ready to get the members of your club registered in iCrew. The easiest way to get your members into the system is to have each person register on their own using a registration link that you provide.

You can either email the registration link to all your members or you can just point them your our club's iCrew home page. There is also an option to import your members from an Excel file. You can find more information on the Members tab on the Coach's Home Page.

Session Creation

You can create sessions for any given team once you have the team created. Session creation starts on the Sessions tab of the Coach's Home Page. You do not have to wait for all your members to get registered before creating sessions.

You can create a session one at a time or you can create many sessions at once using the In Bulk option. With the bulk option, you specify a date range and days of the week that a team meets. iCrew will create all the sessions for you.