For clubs based in the United States, iCrew offers a fully integrated option for payments with iCrew's payments partner, PaySimple.

PaySimple makes it easy and quick to begin processing payments for your club. Providing efficiency with collecting, organizing, and tracking payments, PaySimple can help you offer secure, efficient payment options to your rowers, reduce costly fees, and track business insights. Payments can include a one-time payment or a monthly recurring payment. You can also accept donations from club members or guests.

PaySimple offers exclusive pricing for iCrew customers with fast, free, easy setup, and no long term contracts.

In addition to credit/debit card payments, PaySimple also supports ACH (eCheck) payments with low transaction fees that can save your club money.

NOTE: iCrew includes an option to pass on a convenience fee percentage to your club members to help cover the per transaction fees assessed by PaySimple.

iCrew charges a nominal processing fee of 0.35% of payments collected from your members each month. This processing fee is included in each month's iCrew invoice. Example: If your club collects $5,000 in fees in May, your June iCrew invoice will include a $17.50 processing fee line item ($5,000 x .0035 = $17.50).

If you're currently using PayPal, you can say goodbye to creating PayPal buttons and copy/pasting button HTML between PayPal and iCrew. And when a club member makes a payment, the entire transaction takes place within iCrew.

If your club is a non-profit and will be using the ACH option, you will be required to have links to your privacy policy, terms & conditions and refund policy on your club's website.

Learn more in this short overview video: Watch video

Tap here for more information about PaySimple.

Use the Contact Us button on that page to begin the process of creating a merchant account with PaySimple.

If you have questions before contacting PaySimple, contact iCrew.