ArenaClass#Class NameStatusDateJudge's Name
chathamparkarena11Open Height Class 1.20m. Two Phase Special  Completed2021-12-09Michael Archer
chathamparkarena12Open Height Class 1.30m. Art. 274 5.6 Two Phase Special SW  Completed2021-12-09Michael Archer
chathamparkarena13Open Height Class 1.40m. Art. 238 2.2  Completed2021-12-09Michael Archer
chathamparkarena171.25m Open Height Class Super Two Phase. Sponsored by Tumut Freight.  Completed2021-12-10Michael Archer
chathamparkarena18Young Rider. Two Phase Special  Completed2021-12-10Michael Archer
chathamparkarena19Open Height Class 1.35m. Two Phase Special  Completed2021-12-10Michael Archer
chathamparkarena110Open Height Class 1.45- 1.50m. Art. 274 5.6 Two Phase Special  Completed2021-12-10Michael Archer
chathamparkarena113Junior Rider. 18 years and under. Sponsored by EMCEE Art. 274 5.6 Two Phase Special  Completed2021-12-11Michael Archer
chathamparkarena114Stal Tops Young Rider. Art. 238 2.2  Completed2021-12-11Michael Archer
chathamparkarena115Camden Equine Centre Mini Prix. Art. 238 2.2 Horses competing in the Mini Prix can not com...  Completed2021-12-11Michael Archer
chathamparkarena116.1Chatham Park Grand Prix. Art 273.3.3/4.3  In-progress2021-12-11Michael Archer
chathamparkarena116.2Chatham Park Grand Prix. Art 273.3.3/4.3  Completed2021-12-11Michael Archer
chathamparkarena120Junior Rider. AM5 Sponsored by EMCEE. Art. 238 2.2  Completed2021-12-12Michael Archer
chathamparkarena121.1Winning Group Futurity. For 6,7,8 year old horses. From the horses date of birth and at t...  In-progress2021-12-12Michael Archer
chathamparkarena121.2Winning Group Futurity. For 6,7,8 year old horses. From the horses date of birth and at t...  Completed2021-12-12Michael Archer
chathamparkarena123Amateur Rider Championship. Sponsored by Redleaf. Art. 228 2.2  Completed2021-12-12Michael Archer
enswarena245 Year old. Max height first round 1.05m. Age at day of event. Art. 238 2.2  Completed2021-12-09Susan Nault
enswarena256 year old. Max height first round 1.15m. Age at date of event. Art. 238 2.2  Completed2021-12-09Susan Nault
enswarena267 year old. Age at the date of the event. Max height first round 1.25m. Art. 238 2.2  Completed2021-12-09Susan Nault
enswarena211a1.10m for horses 16 points and under. 2 Phase Special  Completed2021-12-10Jane Kibble
enswarena211bOpen 1.10m Height Class. 2 Phase Special  Completed2021-12-10Jane Kibble
enswarena212Open 1.15m Height Class Super Two Phase.  Completed2021-12-10Jane Kibble
enswarena217Open Height Class 1m. Art. 274 5.6 (2 Phase Special).  Completed2021-12-11Susan Nault
enswarena218aOpen Height Class 110cm. AM7.  Completed2021-12-11Susan Nault
enswarena218bThoroughbred Group 2 1.10m Class for Thoroughbred Horses only. AM7  Completed2021-12-11Susan Nault
enswarena219aOpen Height Class 1.20m. AM7. Sponsored by Ozshotz  Completed2021-12-11Susan Nault
enswarena219bThoroughbred Group 1. 1.20m AM7 for Thoroughbred Horses only.  Completed2021-12-11Susan Nault
enswarena224aOpen 90cm Height Class. AM7.  Completed2021-12-12Jane Kibble
enswarena224bThoroughbred Slipper class. 90cm AM7.  Completed2021-12-12Jane Kibble
enswarena224cRestricted 90cm class. For horses and or riders competing in their first year of competiti...  Completed2021-12-12Jane Kibble
enswarena225aOpen Height Class 1m. AM7  Completed2021-12-12Jane Kibble
enswarena225bThoroughbred Group 3 Class 1m. (AM7)  Completed2021-12-12Jane Kibble