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Adult Parent Groups
     All Juniors Parents
Adult Rowing Groups
     LTR Level 1 August 2019 515am
     LTR Level 1 August 2019 630pm
     LTR Level 1 August 2019 800am
     LTR Level 1 August 2019 900am
     LTR Level 1 Sept 2019 SSu900am
     LTR Level 1 September 2019 545am
     LTR Level 1 September 2019 900am
     LTR Level 2 August 2019 515am
     LTR Level 2 August 2019 630pm
     LTR Level 2 August 2019 800am
     LTR Level 2 August 2019 900am
     LTR Level 2 September 2019 545am
Adult Rowing Teams
     All Masters Team
Junior Rowing Groups
     Youth Level 1 August 12 2019
     Youth Level 2 August 12 2019
     Youth Level 3 August 12 2019
Junior Rowing Teams
     2019 Fall 700 am Rookie Week
     2019 Fall 930 am Rookie Week
     2019 Varsity Summer Rowing
     All Juniors Team
     All Novice Team
     All Varsity Team
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