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This is a Learn to Row (sweep rowing) class at Rocketts Landing for inexperienced adult rowers. Classes will begin Saturday, May 7, 2022 and end June 4, 2022 (or later if any classes are cancelled due to weather). Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:00 PM and Saturday mornings from 7:45-9:45 AM.  Sessions will last approximately two hours.

Register here. Complete the registration profile. You will then be able to access the iCrew website, update your profile, review your "checklist" and electronically sign waivers and certifications.  On your Personal Home Page, sign up for each session you will be attending.  (The default setting is that you will NOT be attending, so you must log on iCrew and sign up for sessions.). If you have any questions or issues, please email    You will be contacted by your coach prior to the scheduled start date.

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