Registration Instructions

Registration for PM rowing program, targeted to all skill levels (novice to experienced rowers)

Please follow these steps to successfully join the PM Sweeps & Sculls program:

  1. Click on the "Join Teams" button below to register for this program
  2. Sign-up/Renew your US Rowing membership (as required) and sign the online US Rowing waiver
  3. Watch the US Rowing Safety Video at and sign the release, either online in iCrew or by mailing the paper form to LSRC
  4. Complete US Rowing Safe Sport Training (if you intend to compete in regattas this year)
  5. Provide a copy of your swim test (if not already on file in iCrew)
  6. Sign the Media Release Waiver (if not already on file in iCrew), either online in iCrew or by mailing the paper form to LSRC
  7. Pay your dues, via iCrew (coming soon) or by sending a check to LSRC. Please note that iCrew will automatically add the fees for ALL 3 PM sessions to your account. You only need to pay the fees for the sessions that you are participating in
If you have any questions or problems, please reach out to for assistance

(includes Age, Addr, Ph#, Email, Emerg. Contact)

Associated Teams/Groups


        LSRC PM Masters

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