We began using iCrew at the start of 2017 Winter season and haven't looked back. We had our processes pretty dialed in with various spreadsheets, but iCrew allows us to bring everything we were tracking separately into one unified platform - rosters, attendance, lineups, inventory, repairs reporting, forms & payments, volunteer hours, test results, etc. If you're tracking something as part of running a rowing organization, it's probably in iCrew! And one of the best things about iCrew is the developer, Kevin. He is incredibly responsive when I've contacted him with questions, the occasional bug, and suggestions for new functionality, and ofte responds within minutes, helping with whatever I've thrown at him. Where else can you find that level of support on a computer application?

iCrew is for everyone - staff, coaches, rowers, even parents (no more emails asking if they're current on payments, volunteer hours, forms - it's all right there with easy access and full transparency). iCrew has simplified just about everything we do to run our boathouse, allowing us to focus on the most important things - our athletes and rowing well.

Kathryn Evans - Administrator, Lake Oswego Community Rowing

Following a complete overhaul and reorganization at the club I was looking for ways to communicate and to easily schedule participants' attendance at practice sessions. Our existing software platform which was great for tracking practice data was not rowing-specific, so I contacted Kevin to learn about iCrew. I participated in one of his online training sessions and was immediately impressed with the functionality of iCrew; I could see several ways that it could help me manage the operations of our rowing club. We trialed the system and within a couple of weeks, signed up.

Kevin is very supportive and responsive. He answers all my questions, often within minutes, and he has added, or made available, many additional features and tweaks that we have requested.

After a couple of months with iCrew we are using it to schedule practice sessions, allocate the appropriate (size, skill-level, etc.) equipment that is shared by all our user groups (elites, masters and juniors). We use the email and text features to communicate with our members and we track the attendance of our high school students. The equipment damage report, with its email alerts feature, helps us keep on top of damage or rigging issues and the ability for the coaches of our different groups to see which boats are available helps keep our boathouse efficient and harmonious.

There are many features of iCrew that we have not yet used. I can see us using the platform to manage our team's dues collection, merchandising sales and participant information.

iCrew is well on its way to becoming a complete one-stop rowing club management system that I have no hesitation recommending to all program directors.

Ian Simpson - Director, Newport Sea Base Rowing

Out here in the high desert of Boulder, Colorado, well off the beaten path of rowing establishments, we have to get creative on how we communicate with one another, given an absence of facilities, electricity, etc. Mercifully, Kevin Goyena and iCrew have come to the rescue and provided us with an easy to use, reliable platform with which to overcome our communications issues. We truly live by the "Go to iCrew" mantra for all sources of club related information.

All that said, the "X-factor" with iCrew is Kevin's timely, helpful, and patient guidance on how to successfully implement the ever-expanding features. It's safe to say that here in Boulder, we are both passionate and grateful for iCrew and Kevin.

Veronika "Vee" Platzer - Head Coach, Boulder Community Rowing, High Performance Coach, Colorado Junior Crew

iCrew is helping bring our organization together. The powerful application helps our athletes, coaches and administrators be more efficient with their time, preparation and communication. We appreciate Kevin's work in expanding the application based on user feedback. It has replaced multiple platforms that were being used in our boathouse.

Padraic Harrington - Director, Pocock Rowing Center

iCrew has enabled our part-time adult rowing coaches, particularly those new to the program, to quickly assemble practice lineups and implement a fair coxswain rotation system - all while providing a clean user interface for our participants. Other features we love about iCrew, so far:

We know that there are more features to discover in iCrew, and we're confident that they will help us take our program to the next level.

Nick Fradkin - Masters Rowing Coordinator, Green Lake Adult Crew